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Ewert and The Two Dragons - Hands Around the Moon (CD)

Artist Ewert and The Two Dragons
Format CD
Label Sony Music
Genre Rock
Our new album is finally here - "Hands Around the Moon". 

It is full of fresh ideas and new approaches, which were all brought to life together with producer Sander Mölder. „It’s still a Dragons record but we were searching for a new approach and a way to step out of our comfort zone“, says Ewert Sundja while describing the new release

1. I Believe in You
2. Journey
3. Giving up
4. Somewhere
5. The Line
6. Angels (Far Away)
7. Little Love
8. Connect
9. Hold On
10. Follow Me
11. Tied For a Lifetime

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Camera & edit: Martin Randalu
Recording engineer (mix/master): José Diogo Neves
Produced by Britt Randma.